The Union is a nation to the south of The North , and the east of the Gurkish Empire . The Union was founded much like the Old Empire , but instead of Juvens assisting with its formation, Bayaz , the first of the magi, aiding a tride lead by Herrod the Great , the first king of the Union, to whom a large statue now stands near the famous Lord's Round within the Union Captial of Adua, take over the tribes that now inhabit the current Union territories Starkiland , Midderland, and Angland . Briefly, the city of Dragoska was in Union hands after the Gurkish Wars, only to be taken by the Gurkish after a two month siege years later.

The Union's natives are usually fair-skinned, much unlike the Gurkish people of the east, but not nearly as pale as those that dwell in the North. They speak in Union, their own language, and some of the people raised in Angland have been known to have a grasp of the Northern tongue.

The Union is famous for having a strong navy, having controlled the seas around Dragoska for the whole duration of the lengthy siege, but threats of a Gurkish fleet did surface. Their land forces are infamous, however, for having several incompetent officers in charge, leading to several famous massacres such as the Battle of Black Well. They are well-stocked and armed, and under command of a Field-Marshal when on campaign.

The Union is also famous for being one of the most threatend civilizations in existance. If the Gurkish are not plotting war against them, the Northeners are in uproar. Several good examples of this is Bethod 's Uprising, which involved the mostly sucessful invasion of Angland, and the Gurkish Wars , in which the Union learned of Gurkish plots to invade Midderland . Even when forces do not threaten the Union externally, they threaten it internally. Several rebellions have been started in farming communities, and corrupt lords always seek to exploit betraying the Union for power.

Several notable Unioners are Sand Dan Glokta , Bremer Dan Gorst , Jezal Dan Luthar , Collem West , and General Jalenhorn .