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The Heroes is the 5th book written by Joe Abercrombie, set in the same universe as the First Law trilogy and the standalone Best Served Cold. The novel follows the bloody events of three days, centered around a battle at a hill called the Heroes, in the Valley of Osrung. The Heroes tells the story of the battle for the Heroes and follows several point-of-view characters, including:

Bremer dan Gorst , a disgraced master swordsman serving as an observer for the King,

Curden Craw , an aging Northman warrior leading his own dozen, and

Prince Calder , a scheming Northman politician.

Beck , a foolish farmboy eager to earn his name in battle,

Finree dan Brock , a wife attending her husband's battle, and

Corporal Tunny , the longest serving officer in the Union Army.

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