The First LawEdit

Logen Ninefingers, a Northman berserker.

Sand dan Glokta, a torturer in the Inquisition.

Jezal dan Luthar, a young fencer.

Dogman, a Northman scout.

Collem West, a commoner and former winner of the Contest, who earned the rank of Major in the Union's army.

Ferro Maljinn, an escaped slave.

Best Served ColdEdit

Monzacarro Murcatto

Caul Shivers


Castor Morveer


Nicomo Cosca

The HeroesEdit

The Heroes features many point-of-view characters. Listed below are the recurring ones.

Bremer dan Gorst , a disgraced master swordsman serving as an observer for the King,

Curden Craw, an aging Northman warrior leading his own dozen, and

Prince Calder, a scheming Northman politician.

Beck, a foolish farmboy eager to earn his name in battle,

Finree dan Brock, a wife attending her husband's battle, and

Corporal Tunny, the longest serving soldier in the Union Army.