Kroy makes his first apperence in Before They Are Hanged as a general under command of Marshal Burr where he appears as a complete dick he works against Burr in every possible way and he dispises West because he is no noble and still claims the title of Colonel. in Before They Are Hanged he travels north alongside Burr to fight Bethod. Kroy returns in the Last Argument Of Kings he returns still a general still a dick which he showse that when Burr dies he refuses to move his man because this way he would hear his hoped promotian sooner. He is shocked when he hears that he nor Pouder (the other general) gets the promotion but West gets it. he is left in the hills to drive out the last northmen wile West and Pouder go after Bethod. He is also there when Adua is under attack and the army trys to defeat the Gurkish. He comes back in The Heroes (Book) now as Marshal becuase Varuz died in the last argument of kings he toom his place. here he is an cappeble commander who values the lives of his men and he has a far better character then in the first 2 books in which he played a role.

Kroy has a deep hatered for Pouder which is shared but in the end of the Last Argument Of Kings Pouder dies when leading a cavelry charge so he is a bother no longer