An ex-convict, Murcatto's hired muscle, in Best Served Cold, who takes great comfort in order and numbers. He carries around a pair of dice, often rolling them, reading their numbers and recounting different activities that have the number of the two added together. When killing the first man, Gobba, on Murcatto's list, he rolls a six and one, hence the first man taken down had one single wound and the next had six. Throughout the book, Friendly was forever doing things according to the numbers he rolled, always patiently, unemotionally doing things so that there was order in his world.

Although named Friendly, he is not much of a conversationalist, hardly ever speaking. Tall but not that tall, just extremely heavyset, with his neck described as "wider than his skull".

He is characterised as wishing to go back to the safety of Safety- a prison he first entered at the age of 13. He was released three years before Best Served Cold's events took place, by Sajaam. By the end he desperately wishes to go back to Safety, but the prison was abandoned and so reluctantly rejoined Nicomo Cosca and the Thousand Swords as a sergeant.